Great Falls – Wheels of Thunder – Popular local Great Falls business – 95th Birthday Celebration / Mickey and Minnie mouse

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It was great to see people out and about at the busiest spot in Great Falls Saturday afternoon around 1pm for the Mickey and Minnie Mouse 95th Birthday party at Wheels of Thunder, an authentic community roller rink based upon the concepts of the mid 80’s.

This party, a 95th Birthday party for the Disney duo featured a visit from Mickey and Minnie mouse and was packed. As you can see from the photos below, the parking lot didn’t have many spaces left and the entire building was surrounded by attending individual’s cars.

Inside it was even a better sight to see.
Featuring a Video Arcade:

Fully decorated and packed party center:

And of course, the large shiny finished roller rink floor.

When asked about the party, these are some of the comments we heard.
“I had so much fun, I’ve never skated my butt off so hard in my life!”
“This was a pretty cool party, I’m glad my parents let me come!”

And parents had this to say.
“Kids need a place to get that energy out, and blow off steam and this sure is the place!”
“My kids love this place, its priced well, and the kids get to be active.”
“I love how my kids have less screen time when they’re here and more interactive time with friend”

When asked for comment, the owner Janine Hieb gave us this comment:
“Today was a magical day at Wheels of Thunder family roller skating!! Mickey Mouse turned 95 years old today… Minnie came to the party with bluey and stitch!! Mickeys favorite Disney songs were played!! All the kids received a free lighted Mickey headband, a stuffed toy, special Disney balloon, cupcake and a free small soda! Balloon drop to finish the celebration!! Free pictures with Mickey, Minnie, bluey and stitch. The parking lot was full of cars, bubbles and fog!! Door prizes of new skates, Mickey Minnie plush, arcade cards!!”

13 KEIN sends out this heartfelt thanks to Janine Hieb and all the staff at Wheels of Thunder for helping to make children’s weekends memorable. The love and dedication you put back into this community each and every time you open the door is very humbling to us. THANK YOU for all that you do!

And if you’re looking for something to do any day of the week, check out their hours here:

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