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COMMITMENT! A simple word but packs a powerful punch!

As we close out 2023 and look forward to 2024, this word needs to be part of your planning when looking at your goals. Setting the trajectory for your business over the next year does not happen by writing down your goals, looking at them and visualizing them. It happens by ACTION! COMMITMENT!

Are you ready to commit to the process, to seeing your goals through fruition? Are you committed, even when the motivation that you had is no longer there?

Did you write your goals down because your boss told you to? Are they your goals?

I have spent numerous years sitting down with a manager or “leader” going over my next year’s goals. Come to find out, when all was said and done, he decided that my goals needed to be something else. I always wondered why the boss didn’t just set the goals for me since he was going to change them anyway. Come to find out, his goals weren’t his either. Someone else told him what he will do.

Do you take ownership of the outcome? If so, make sure you commit to your goals and your trajectory. Input from others is great, but make darn sure you are committed to the outcome and you own it”, no matter what it is!

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